Sunday, July 18, 2010

How to Cool Off a HOT DOG !

OK I have officially had enough summer. It was HOT in Spring and now it is even HOTTER in Summer. If three days of over 90 degrees equals a HEAT WAVE what does two months worth equal.

It is so hot outside that I hate to even work with Heddy. But train we must so we try to work early and then I try to come up with something FUN and Cool to end with. I got kind of tired of her swimming in the river and ME standing in the sun tossing her toys in for her. SO I saw on Facebook that one of the Dogs over in England loves to DIVE FOR SAUSAGES. So I figured we would come up with an American version and cool Heddy down at the same time. I took a Hotdog  sliced it up into little pieces then micro waved it to get some of the fat out.

Filled up a pan with water and …. TADA 

HOT DOG becomes Wet Dog.  I was amazed at how fast she figured out how to get the Hotdogs. and was soon vacuuming up two pieces at once.

Hot Dog Diving Hot Dog Diving-1 Hot Dog Diving-2 Hot Dog Diving-3 Hot Dog Diving-4 Hot Dog Diving-5 Hot Dog Diving-6 Hot Dog Diving-7 Hot Dog Diving-8 Hot Dog Diving-9 Hot Dog Diving-10 Hot Dog Diving-11 Hot Dog Diving-12 Hot Dog Diving-13 Hot Dog Diving-14 Hot Dog Diving-15

Now that is a nice COOL HAPPY DOG


  1. What a face in those last pictures!! LOL!! I tried Zack with a kiddie pool but he doesnt' really like to get wet!!!

  2. These pictures look so familiar. This has been Boogie's favorite game for a couple years. Heddy is definitely a happy (and wet) looking Border Terrier!

  3. Not too mention a well fed dog LOL x